12 Gin Cocktails to Celebrate World Gin Day in Style

World Gin Day is a drink holiday that falls on the second Saturday in June, a day dedicated to imbibing the juniper spirit.

World Gin Day Cocktails

Whether you’re using Australian gin, other new world gins or popular gins that have stood the test of time, this is the day to raise a gin cocktail or two. Of course, you can toast the day with your favourite gin and your choice of the best tonic water.

Here are 12 World Gin Day Cocktails that can easily be made at home or enjoyed at your favourite bars:

World Gin Day Cocktails

Breakfast Martini

Start the day right with the Breakfast Martini, and if you’re so inclined, use a slice of toast on the rim of the glass. Get the Breakfast Martini recipe here.

French 75

Arguably the most elegant of gin cocktails, the French 75 combines gin with lemon, sugar topped with sparkling wine. Get the French 75 recipe here.

The Southside

Some call it a Gin Daiquiri or a Gin Mojito. The Southside is as refreshing as it gets with gin, sugar, lime and mint. Get the Southside cocktail recipe here.

Gin Basil Highball

Created by Joerg Meyer of Le Lion in Hamburg, the Gin Basil Highball makes for sessionable sipping at any time of day. Get the recipe for the Gin Basil Highball recipe here.

The Hanky Panky

On World Gin Day, why not indulge in a little Hanky Panky and raise a glass to its creator, Ada Coleman. Get the Hanky Panky recipe here.

The Pink Lady

Far from being a girly drink, the Pink Lady gets its pink colour from grenadine and is a heady mix of gin, applejack and sugar. Get the Pink Lady cocktail recipe here.

The Martini

Everyone has their favourite way to make a Martini. Here are 8 tips on how to order a Martini or make one at home. You may also like our Top 5 Martini Recipes.

The Gibson

Can’t decide between olives and a twist? Use cocktail onions instead. Get the recipe for the Gibson cocktail recipe here.


The only time James Bond asks for gin in his Martini is when he orders a Vesper in Casino Royale. Get the recipe for the Vesper cocktail recipe here.

The Saltini

As its name suggests, this riff on the dirty Martini gets the salty treatment. Get the Saltini recipe here.

The Clover Club

A mix of gin, lemon juice, raspberry syrup and egg white or aquafaba if you’re vegan, get the Clover Club recipe here.

Corpse Reviver #2

We’ve left this one till last because if you made it this far, you might need one of these. Get the Corpse Reviver #2 recipe here.

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