Top 10 New Spirits 2017

As a cocktail and spirit publication, we are privy to a lot of tastings so we’ve put together a list of the top 10 new spirits for 2017.

Top 10 New Spirits 2017

For the purpose of transparency, this is nota sponsored post nor is it influenced by any partner or advertiser relationship. These are simply the best new spirits we have tasted in 2017, though we are aware that some may not be so new in certain parts of the world.

Here they are, the top 10 new spirits 2017, presented in no particular order:

Top 10 New Spirits 2017

1. Sonoma County Cherrywood Rye Whiskey

With a “grain to glass” approach to production, Sonoma County Distilling Company has produced some excellent whiskeys. Sonoma County Cherrywood Rye Whiskey is made with a base of rye grain complemented by wheat and a hint of California Cherrywood-smoked barley. The spirit is aged in new American oak barrels for no less than one year. A superb spirit that makes a great Manhattan.

2. Mr Black Coffee Amaro

Described as a modern take on the traditional Italian bitter liqueur, Mr Black Coffee Amaro is crafted with cold brew coffee and fourteen distilled and macerated fresh botanicals that include bitter gentian, orange and grapefruit. Sweet, floral and fruity with nutty aromas and a bright citrus finish in a bitter coffee base. A liqueur for sipping as well as cocktails.

3. Calle 23 Criollo

From Sophie Decobecq, Calle 23’s creator and master distiller comes Calle 23 Criollo, a tequila made from a specific kind of blue agave in the Highlands of Jalisco that are fully mature but small in size with an amazing concentration of natural agave sugars. Silky smooth, viscous on the palate, this is a sipping tequila for special occasions.

4. Paul John Oloroso Cask Strength Single Malt Indian Whisky

Paul John Indian Single Malt have produced a limited edition Paul John Oloroso Cask Strength Single Malt. Bottled at 57.4% ABV, the NAS single malt is initially matured in an ex-bourbon barrel for three years followed by four years in an Oloroso sherry cask which gives it an interplay of  bourbon and sherry notes such as sweet red fruit, caramel, vanilla, spice subtle nuttiness of almonds, a chewy mouthfeel and a lingering finish of dark chocolate and subtle oak.

5. Gourmantic Birthday Gin 2017

Crafted by award-winning Australian Distiller Reg Papps of Ironbark Distillery in NSW, Gourmantic Birthday Gin 2017 is a small batch limited release gin distilled on World Cocktail Day for the Gourmantic Origins Dinner. Eight traditional and Australian native botanicals give the gin its distinctive savoury profile which peak mid-palate and finish with a hint of the sea. Disclaimer: Gourmantic is our sister website.

6. Applewood Okar Amaro

From Adelaide Hills in South Australia, Applewood Okar Amaro brings together native Australian riberries, native currants, blood limes and saltbush in a medium-bodied amaro with complex, blackberry and delicately bitter notes. Great for sipping on ice or in cocktails.

7. Plantation O.F.T.D. Overproof Rum

There’s overproof rum and there’s Plantation O.F.T.D. Overproof Rum. The acronym (officially) stands for Old Fashioned Traditional Dark. At 69% ABV, it’s rich, big on flavour and suited for the best Tiki cocktails.

8. Manly Spirits Botanical Vodka Marine

Forget what you know about vodka, Manly Spirits Botanical Vodka Marine is a funky, savoury and salty spirit made from sea parsley and sea cast kelp – an umami explosion on the palate.

9. Australian Green Ant Gin

Distilled using green ants which are indigenous bush tucker, Australian Green Ant Gin by Adelaide Hills Distillery has vibrant flavours of lime and coriander, along with native juniper and finger lime.

10. Rum Diary Cherry Spiced Rum

120kgs of cherries were hand-pitted, macerated in overproof rum to make a cherry liqueur first before nutmeg, lavender, orange and vanilla were subtly introduced. The Rum Diary Cherry Spiced Rum is a delicious, sipping spiced rum with a cherry-cola finish and flavours reminiscent of Christmas.

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