The Tipperary Cocktail Recipe

The Tipperary Cocktail is an equal parts cocktail that dates back to pre-Prohibition.

The Tipperary Cocktail Recipe

The cocktail combines Irish culture with European influence, namely Irish whiskey with sweet vermouth from Italy and Green Chartreuse from France, all in equal parts. It’s a variation of another classic cocktail, the gin-based Bijou cocktail which was popular during the 1800s. The cocktail was popularised by the song, It’s a Long Road to Tipperary, a popular among soldiers during World War I.

The recipe below is the Tipperary Cocktail (No. 1) from the The Savoy Cocktail Book but Craddock specifies that the drink be shaken and strained into a glass instead of being stirred. The equal part components yield a cocktail that’s on the sweeter side of the favour spectrum along with a herbal note. If you prefer your cocktails drier and more spirit-forward, double the amount of Irish Whiskey and halve the amount of Chartreuse.

There are several versions of the Tipperary cocktail aside from (No. 1) below. The Savoy book also lists the Tipperary Cocktail (No. 2), an unrelated drink with gin, dry vermouth, grenadine and orange juice. Perhaps Gaz Regan’s version, the Tipperary Cocktail (No. 3) is most suited to modern palates. He rinses the glass with Chartreuse, discards the excess and uses whiskey to vermouth in a ratio of 2:1.

Whichever version you prefer, the Tipperary makes a good choice for a cocktail to enjoy on St Patrick’s Day.

The Tipperary Cocktail  Recipe (No. 1)


  • 30 ml Irish Whiskey
  • 30 ml sweet vermouth
  • 30 ml green Chartreuse

Glassware: coupette
Garnish: orange peel


In a mixing glass, add the Irish whiskey, sweet vermouth and green Chartreuse. Add ice and stir until cold. Stir into a chilled coupette. Express the oils of the orange peel over the glass then discard.

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