Squid Ink Cocktails to Make at Halloween

Halloween is around the corner so it’s time to embrace your inner goth and get into the spooky spirit with these jet black squid ink cocktails.

Squid Ink Cocktails

Squid ink is the dark, glossy and thick liquid found in the sacks of cuttlefish or squid. Its flavour is reminiscent of the ocean yet it doesn’t have a pronounced fishy smell. It adds a subtle sea flavour, salinity and viscosity while imparting a deep, rich black and glossy colour to a drink for dramatic effect.

Care should be taken when working with squid ink. Its viscosity with a fine grain makes it prone to staining but it washes off easily in water. In all three recipes below, the drinks are shaken with ice (including the Martini) to ensure the squid ink is fully incorporated into the liquid. When making cocktails, it pays to rinse your bar tools immediately after as it dries out quickly and can be difficult to clean. When sipping, don’t let the drink sit for too long or a gritty residue starts to form in the glass.

Here are the squid ink cocktails to make for Halloween or Day of the Dead as shown above from left to right. Click on the page numbers below to navigate to the next squid ink cocktail in the series.

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