Sparkling Cocktails for New Year’s Eve

When it comes to celebrating New Year’s Eve, Champagne and sparkling wine are often the drinks of choice. But there’s no reason not to ring in the New Year with your favourite spirit while adding a sparkling touch to your drink.

Sparkling Cocktails for New Year's Eve

We’ve put together five sparkling cocktails for New Year’s Eve that you can easily whip up in your home bar. Each cocktail has a different spirit base and you have a choice of Vodka, Gin, Sloe Gin, Rum or Cognac.

Sparkling Cocktails for New Year’s Eve

Vodka Spritzer

Light and refreshing, a Vodka Spritzer makes a good choice to kick off the celebrations in the afternoon. In this recipe, we’ve used equal amounts of tonic water and soda water to reduce the sugar content and soften some of the bitterness of the tonic. Get the recipe for Vodka Spritzer here.

French 75

It may have been named after a gun but the French 75 is as elegant as it comes with gin, citrus, simple syrup and bubbles. It’s the perfect celebration drink to enjoy in the late afternoon just after the sun has gone down. Get the recipe for French 75 here.

Sloe Royale

A take on the French classic Kir Royale, the Sloe Royale substitutes sloe gin for creme de cassis. It’s elegant, a little on the sweet side and has festive written all over it. Get the recipe for Sloe Royale here.

Old Cuban

If you haven’t tried the Old Cuban before, you’re in for a treat. With rum as the base spirit, the drink is in essence a hybrid of the Champagne Cocktail and the Mojito. Get the recipe for the Old Cuban here.

Cognac Royale

It’s New Year’s Eve so why not enjoy a Cognac sparkling cocktail. The Cognac Royale is big on flavour with Cognac and triple sec while the Champagne gives a light fizz on the palate. No need to use your best Cognac, a Cognac VSOP will do just fine. Get the recipe for Cognac Royale here.

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