Rum Punch Recipe For Your Next Party

Celebrate National Rum Punch Day on September 20 with a punch recipe that is perfect for your next party.

Rum Punch Recipe

A good punch is far removed from the watered down versions you may have had during your college or university days. Using quality rums and base ingredients will ensure you end up with delicious drink no matter what party you’re throwing.

We’ve previously covered how to batch Tiki cocktails for a crowd, in this article we’ll be taking a look at the rum punch, a communal drink with a recipe that requires a little preparation but allows guests to serve themselves.

According to Jeff ‘Beachbum’ Berry, the Planters Punch was the template for every one of the 70 drinks that Don the Beachcomber created –
the Caribbean template being 1 of sour (citrus), 2 of sweet (sugar), 3 of strong (rum/spirit) and 4 of weak (ice or water) and dash of spice or bitters. However, he suggests a better ratio which Don used in his own drinks is of 1 of sweet, 2 of sour, 3 of weak and 4 of strong for a better tasting punch.

This recipe for Rum Punch is adapted from one by Mitch Wilson and uses two types of rum: an aged rum from Barbados for its tropical, fruity and coconut flavour and an overproof rum for its richness, smoky, fruit notes and ABV kick. It includes demerara syrup which can easily made at home. When it comes to falernum and grenadine, you can buy these pre-made or follow step by step instructions on how to make falernum and grenadine from scratch. If you’re inclined to experiment, you can use oleo saccharum or lemon sherbet in the punch.

The following recipe for rum punch is for 10 people, allowing 1.5 serves per person. If you’re making an individual serve, simply scale it down by 10.

How to Make Rum Punch Recipe

Adapted from a recipe by Mitch Wilson

Serves 10 people, (1.5 serves per person)


  • 450 ml aged Barbados rum
  • 225 ml overproof rum
  • 300 ml fresh lemon juice
  • 150 ml falernum
  • 150 ml grenadine
  • 300 ml demerara sugar syrup* (1:1)
  • 450 ml pineapple juice
  • 75 dashes (46 ml) Angostura Bitters

Garnish: oranges, lemons, grapefruit, limes sliced into rounds; pineapple chunks, edible flowers (optional)
Glassware: punch bowl set


The night before, make a large ice cube by filling a square plastic container with water and freeze overnight.

In a punch bowl, combine the rums, the juices, syrup and bitters and give the liquid a gentle stir. Un-mould the ice block by dipping the container in warm water and gently add to the punch. Garnish with sliced fruit and let guests serve themselves.

*To make the demerara sugar syrup, mix equal parts of demerara sugar and water over gentle heat and stir until the sugar is fully dissolved.

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