Rhum Clément Agricole Rhum Lands in Australia

Big Island Wholesalers, distributors of Chairman’s Reserve Rum in Australia and New Zealand have added Rhum Clément, an agricole rhum to their portfolio.

Rhum Clément

Hailing from from Martinique in the French Caribbean, Rhum Clément has been in production since 1887 using time-honoured methods passed down through generations. Rhum Clément only produces agricole rhum using pure fermented sugar cane juice in strict compliance with the French Appelation d’Origine Controlée (AOC).

Four Rhum Clément expressions are now available in Australia:

Rhum Clément Canne Bleue is a white agricole rhum produced by a single variety of sugar cane called “canne bleue” or blue cane. The rhum is said to be the first mono-varietal rum in the world, with fine aromatic qualities and rich sugar content. Best suited in classic white rum cocktails such as the Daiquiri.

Rhum Clément Select Barrel is a contemporary style of rhum agricole crafted with a unique blend of rhums matured for a minimum of three years in heavily toasted oak barrels selected for their rich natural sweetness and intense aromatic qualities. It has a soft, rounded approach on the palate with soft vanilla notes, a complement of spice box aromas and subtle vanilla bean on the finish. Best served in a Ti’ Punch or other classic and contemporary cocktails.

Rhum Clément Shrubb is a blend of the finest white and aged agricole rhums married with macerated Créole spices and sun-bleached bitter orange peels. It has aromas of orange-blossom and a light and lingering juicy orange note with subtle cinnamon and clove on the finish. Cocktail suggestions include the Sidecar and Clément Mai Tai.

Rhum Clément Mahina Coco is a liqueur that is the result of infusing rhum agricole with fresh, young coconut. It has rich, toasted aromas with flavours of roasted coconut, sugar cane and fresh meringue, moderate sweetness with a roasted nut and coconut flake finish. Serving suggestions include enjoying it neat on ice, with pineapple juice, or in Tiki cocktails and batidas.

The range of Rhum Clément is distributed in Australia by Big Island Wholesalers. The brand will be undergoing various activations in 2018 such as trade shows, Taste of Sydney and Taste of Melbourne.

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