4 Pisco Cocktail Recipes to Get You Started with the Grape Spirit

You may have tasted a Pisco Sour at your favourite bar which led you to buy a bottle of the spirit for your home bar. Here are four easy Pisco cocktail recipes to get you started with the grape spirit.

Pisco Cocktail Recipes

Pisco is a spirit distilled from grapes. The white spirit is produced in Peru and Chile and can only be made from eight types of grapes divided into “aromatic” and “‘non-aromatic” categories. Get to know the various styles in the Essential Guide to Pisco.

Pisco lends itself well to mixing in cocktails, be it a refreshing Chilcano with ginger ale, a punch or a stirred drink. Here are 4 Pisco cocktail recipes that are easy to replicate in the home bar.

Pisco Cocktail Recipes

1. Pisco Sour

Of all the Pisco cocktails, the Pisco Sour is the most widely known dating back to the 1920’s. A classic sour drink with Pisco, citrus, simple syrup and egg white. Get the recipe for the Pisco Sour here.

2. Pisco Punch

The original Pisco Punch may have been lost for ever but the drink lives on through many incarnations. The Pisco Punch can be made for one or scaled up for a crowd. Get the recipe for the Pisco Punch here.

3. The Chilcano

What could be simpler or more refreshing that topping a good  measure of Pisco with ginger ale and lime. The Chilcano makes for good afternoon imbibing in the sun and is a change from the usual gin and tonic. Get the recipe for The Chilcano here.

4. El Capitan

Unlike the first three, El Capitan is a stirred drink and brings together two complementary grape spirits: Pisco and vermouth. Get the recipe for El Capitan here.

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