Pampelle Ruby Red Grapefruit Apéritif

Inspired by the Mediterranean, Pampelle, the world’s first ruby red grapefruit apéritif launches in Australia.


Pampelle captures the bitter-sweet flavours of organic ruby red grapefruit from Corsica together with carefully selected botanicals to create a versatile apéritif that is naturally low in sugar.

Production starts with the harvest of organic ruby red grapefruits handpicked on Corsica to create the distinctive, bitter-sweet flavour. The ripe fruit is taken to a distillery on the banks of the River Charente in the town of Cognac in South West France, where the liquid is handcrafted in a three-part process.

First, the grapefruit is halved and macerated in copper vats to extract their vibrant flavours and natural citrus aromas. Once Pampelle’s master distiller has sourced the highest quality citrus peel and botanicals from around the world including yuzu from Japan, cedrat from France and bitter orange bigarade from Haiti, these are distilled then infused into the ruby red batches and blended with cinchona tree bark quinine, gentian bitters and a signature grape eau de vie. The rubies are then pressed and reduced until they turn a deep, velvety red.

Pampelle (15% ABV) is a bright spirit with a distinctive bitter-sweet character of ruby red grapefruit. It can be enjoyed as L’Apéro (a colloquial French term for apéritif), and used as a modifier in a wide range of cocktails such as Pampelle French Negroni, with equal parts Pampelle, gin and sweet vermouth, or Pampelle Spritz, with Prosecco and soda.

Pampelle is available in 700 ml bottles, boldly-designed with the seal of a Damselfly, a protected native species that represents the delicate environment that makes this corner of France a world-class wine and spirit-producing region.

Pampelle is priced at RRP $40 AUD. Visit their website for the full collection of cocktail recipes.

In partnership with Think Spirits, distributors of Pampelle in Australia.

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