Rum Punch Recipe

Rum Punch Recipe For Your Next Party

Celebrate National Rum Punch Day on September 20 with a punch recipe that is perfect for your next party. A good punch is far…


How to Make the Perfect Caipirinha

It’s National Cachaça Day today so here’s how to make the Caipirinha, Brazil’s national cocktail. It may be difficult to pronounce but it couldn’t…

Olive Oil Washed Martini

Olive Oil Washed Martini

The Olive Oil Washed Martini is a savoury cocktail that uses the fat washing technique. Fat washing involves flavouring alcohol with liquid fat and…


Absolut Mix

Absolut Mix Limited Edition Bottle

Absolut Vodka has launched Absolut Mix, the latest of the brand’s series of limited edition bottles marking their ongoing support for creativity, as well…

Essential Guide to Cachaça

Essential Guide to Cachaça

Best known around the world for the Caipirinha, here is the essential guide to Cachaça, the spirit of Brazil. What is Cachaça Cachaça (pronounced…

Korean Traditional Alcohol

Essential Guide to Korean Traditional Alcohol

There’s more to Korean traditional alcohol than soju, considered the world’s most heavily consumed liquor. What is Korean Traditional Alcohol Sul, or Korean traditional…

How to / DIY Projects

How to Make Tepache

How to Make Tepache

Next in our How-To/DIY Cocktail series, we take a look at how to make tepache and using it in cocktails with a recipe by…

How to Make Orgeat

How to Make Orgeat

Next in our How-To/DIY project series, Thor Bergquist, Co-Owner of PS40 Bar in Sydney steers us towards a recipe by Giuseppe Gonzalez of PKNY…


Charlie Parker's Paddington

Charlie Parker’s Paddington

At first look, Charlie Parker’s in Paddington may remind you of its older sibling, Palmer & Co. but the basement bar is far removed…

Essential Guides

What is Vermouth

Essential Guide to Vermouth

You may know it as the fortified wine that goes in a Martini and a Negroni but there’s more to vermouth than being a…



Best Singapore Bars

Asia’s 50 Best Bars 2017

Asia’s 50 Best Bars were announced with Manhattan in Singapore taking out first place followed by Speak Low in Shanghai and at number 3,…

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Gin & Tonic Garnish

How to Garnish Gin and Tonic

With the explosion of new gins on the market, garnishing a G&T is no longer limited to lemon and lime. Unlike what you may…