Rum Punch Recipe

Rum Punch Recipe For Your Next Party

Celebrate National Rum Punch Day on September 20 with a punch recipe that is perfect for your next party. A good punch is far…


How to Make the Perfect Caipirinha

It’s National Cachaça Day today so here’s how to make the Caipirinha, Brazil’s national cocktail. It may be difficult to pronounce but it couldn’t…

Olive Oil Washed Martini

Olive Oil Washed Martini

The Olive Oil Washed Martini is a savoury cocktail that uses the fat washing technique. Fat washing involves flavouring alcohol with liquid fat and…


Vulson White Rhino Rye

Vulson White Rhino Rye

Vulson White Rhino Rye is a 100% unaged organic rye spirit produced at the Domaine des Hautes Glaces in the French Alps. The spirit…

Can Tequila Shed Its Party Image

Can Tequila Shed Its Party Image

Mention tequila and you’re likely to be met with extremes. On one hand, agave spirit aficionados appreciate the nuances of terroir and artisanal production,…

Distillery Botanica Gin

Distillery Botanica Gin

If you’ve been to Distillery Botanica (previously St Fiacre Distillery) in Erina NSW, you would have walked along a lush manicured garden leading to…

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How to Build Your Home Bar

How to Build a Home Bar

When it comes to home entertaining, cocktails and spirits-based drinks tend to take a back seat to wine or beer. With more discerning drinkers…


Jangling Jack's Potts Point

Jangling Jack’s Potts Point

Jangling Jack’s is a new, small neighbourhood style bar that has opened in Sydney’s Potts Point. The venue by Jon Ruttan (ex-Mojo Record Bar) and…

Canberra's Best Bars

Best Canberra Bars

There’s more to Canberra than politics, roundabouts and monuments. Once viewed as a sleepy capital city, Canberra’s bar scene is flourishing with exciting cocktail…

Hippo Co Canberra

Hippo Co Canberra

You could be forgiven for thinking that Canberra’s Hippo Co brings a touch of Sydney’s Shady Pines Saloon meets The Baxter Inn. The upstairs…

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Spirited Awards 2016

Winners of the Spirited Awards 2016

The winners of Tales of the Cocktail Spirited Awards for 2016 were just announced in New Orleans with the World’s Best Cocktail Bar going…

New Bars July 2016

New Bars July 2016

Our monthly round-up for July 2016 of new and upcoming bars including bar news. Black Market, Canberra’s newest cocktail bar from the team behind…

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Cocktail Trends 2017

Top 10 Cocktail Trends 2017

In the first of our 3-part cocktail trends 2017 series, we reflect on the year that was and present the cocktail trends that dominated…