Olive Oil Washed Martini

The Olive Oil Washed Martini is a savoury cocktail that uses the fat washing technique.

Olive Oil Washed Martini

Fat washing involves flavouring alcohol with liquid fat and in this case, it’s gin with good quality extra virgin olive oil. The gin and olive oil are mixed in a glass jar with a lid, shaken hard then frozen overnight before the liquid is fine strained the next day. Refer to the step by step instructions on fat washing here.

For the Olive Oil Washed Martini, we used Gourmantic Birthday Gin 2017 which we developed in collaboration with Ironbark Distillery for the 8th anniversary of our sister website, Gourmantic. The gin was crafted using 8 botanicals, both traditional and Australian native using the one shot distillation method. The flavour profile starts with a good juniper punch, followed by a savoury note on the mid palate and finishes with a hint of the sea. You can use other savoury gins with a similar profile.

Using gin that is washed with olive oil imparts an additional savoury note, a fruity and peppery flavour and a velvety mouthfeel to the drink. A few drops of saline round the cocktail and enhance the salty maritime note of the gin.

Olive Oil Washed Martini Recipe


  • 60 ml olive oil washed gin (we used Gourmantic Birthday Gin 2017)
  • 10 ml dry vermouth
  • 3 drops of saline

Glassware: Martini glass
Garnish: green olive


For the Olive Oil Washed Martini, stir the gin and vermouth in a mixing glass with ice until very chilled. Strained into a chilled Martini glass, add 3 drops of saline and garnish with a green olive.

To make the saline solution, add 20g of sea salt to 80ml of warm water and stir until the solution is clear. Allow to cool then transfer to a dropper bottle.

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