Martinis & Tinctures: The Barber Shop’s Martini Project

Martini. A timeless classic. Whether you like it dry, wet, dirty, smoky or canned, there’s no denying that the cocktail has stood the test of time.

Martinis & Tinctures

The Barber Shop in Sydney, one of Australia’s best gin bars is taking the Martini to another level. They’re offering a range of tinctures in the Martini designed to enhance, add or manipulate flavours of the classic Gin Martini.

Tinctures are an alcoholic extract of a plant, herb, or other food item traditionally used as medicine. In cocktails, a tincture is made by infusing these in a high proof neutral grain spirit to enhance the flavour, much like bitters but without the bittering agents.

With over 20 different tinctures and more to come, and nearly 300 gins from around the globe, the Martini combinations are countless. We spoke to David Nguyen-Luu, General Manager at The Barber Shop about how the Martini Project came to be.

“Initially, the bar team chose some Australian gins as well as predominant market gins and tried to enhance some of their current botanicals, or add spice or other flavours to the Martini. Our bartenders James Russell and Kieran Lee then went through the flavour wheel and gave us the list of options ranging from Earthy (celery, rosemary), Savoury (prosciutto, tomato), Nutty (almond, pistachio), Spicy (capsicum, nutmeg), Fruity (rhubarb, mango), and Dessert (chocolate, rose).”

Marrying the tinctures with the botanicals of the gin is where the fun begins. For example, The West Winds Cutlass Gin Martini with a Capsicum tincture is a perfect marriage, Poor Toms Gin Martini with a Strawberry tincture enhances its fruity style, and Bombay Sapphire Martini with Lime and Coriander tincture is another winning combination. If you’re after something a little more bold, try Four Pillars Cousin Vera Martini with Blue Cheese and Pickles tinctures. It’s the kind of dirty Martini that will blow your mind and will have you asking, where have you been hiding.

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The Barber Shop
Address: 89 York Street, Sydney, Australia

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