How to Set Up a Home Bar

Cocktails at home are an up-and-coming trend with discerning drinkers looking to replicate the cocktail bar experience in their own home. 

How to Set Up a Home Bar

Earlier this year, we ran a popular 5 part series on How to Set Up a Home Bar and by popular demand, we’ve summarised the steps you need to set up a home bar. As you can see from the photo above, setting up a home bar doesn’t need to be too elaborate. You can build it yourself or covert an existing space or shelving. Here’s what you need to get started.

How to Set up a Home Bar

1. How to Build a Home Bar

Learn how to build a home bar using every day pallets. If you’re handy with tools, or know someone who is, follow the step by step instructions in the video and an elegant and affordable home bar can be yours.

2. Essential Spirits for a Home Bar

When it comes to choosing spirits for a home bar, the choice can be a little overwhelming. Are you into gin, bourbon or rum? We look at the basics and what you need to know to select the essential spirits for a home bar then build on the collection.

3. Essential Mixers and Modifiers for a Home Bar

You most likely have mixers at home such as tonic water and soda water. Modifiers are a broad category ranging from syrups and vermouth to bitters. We present a comprehensive list of essential mixers and modifiers for a home bar to help you decide what you need to get started.

4. Essential Bar Tools for a Home Bar

Whether you prefer stirred drinks or shaken cocktails, no home bar would be complete without bar tools. Here are the top 10 bar tools you need when setting up a home bar including how to use them.

5. Essential Glassware for a Home Bar

There’s nothing like enjoying an old fashioned or sipping a Martini from the right glass. Whether it’s a coupe or a Collins glass, we look at the essential glassware for a home bar so you can complete bringing the bar culture into your own home.

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