Home Bar Awards, Jane Walker, Borrago Non-Alcoholic Spirit

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Home Bar Awards

Borrago Non-Alcoholic Spirit

  • Following from the success of Seedlip, another non-alcoholic spirit has launched in the UK. Borrago is alcohol, sugar and calorie-free, distilled from six botanicals that include citrus, spice and pepper, cardamom and rosemary for the #47 Paloma Blend. (via Imbibe)

Home Bar Awards

  • Back in early 2016, we reported on the rise of home bartending and in our top 10 trends for 2017, the popularity of drinkstagram accounts. Chris Kiertz (Socktails), Jeremy JF Thompson (Tales of the Cocktail) and Jabin Troth (Licensed to Distill) have launched the inaugural Home Bar Awards where the entire contest takes place on Instagram. There’s a different challenge each month and January is “Show Us Your Bar”. We’ll be posting our entry on instagram today. (via TOTC)

The History of the Sugar Cube

  • As the sugar cube celebrates its 175th birthday this month, here’s an in-depth look at the history of this ingredient which has a long association with cocktails. (via Imbibe Magazine)

DIY Spirit Infusions

  • If you’re looking at improving your at-home spirit infusions, here are three techniques to master: iSi, sous vide and microwave. (via PUNCH)

Bacardi to Buy Patrón Tequila

  •  Bacardi, which has held a roughly 25% stake in Patrón Spirits International AG for nearly a decade has announced its plans to buy full control of Patrón Tequila. (via The Drinks Business)

Sydney Bar Low302 is Turning 10

  • Each month leading up to Low302‘s 10th Birthday Party in November, they will be offering guests some wonderful specials, prizes and giveaways. Be sure to check their Instagram, Facebook and website for details.

Japanese Bartending Techniques

  • This article gives great insights into five Japanese bartending techniques. (via PUNCH)

Diageo’s Jane Walker Trademark 

  • The future is female, thanks to the new Dr Who and Diageo submitting a trademark application to the United States Patent and Trademark Office for Jane Walker trademark. Will be seeing a new Scotch whisky called The Jane Walker Edition some time soon? (via The Spirits Business)

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