Hippocampus Vodka

Hippocampus Vodka is a local craft spirit that has recently come on to the Australian market.

Hippocampus Vodka

The vodka is produced at Hippocampus Metropolitan Distillery in Perth, Western Australia, an urban distillery located opposite the old Perth Metropolitan Markets.

Hippocampus Vodka is made from a base of biodynamic farmed wheat from Western Australia’s Wheatbelt to produce a clean tasting spirit with soft texture and roundness.  The spirit is distilled in a seam-driven 450 litre copper pot still called Kylie.

The wheat is fermented in small batches using filtered water and organic yeast. The wash is then added to the still and distilled through 10 plate copper columns which means it gets a lot of contact with the copper. The best of the heart of the run is taken to ensure character and flavour.

Before bottling, the spirit is cut with purified water then hand-bottled and rested before release. No filtration is used.

Hippocampus Vodka Tasting Notes

  • Country of Origin: Perth, Australia
  • ABV: 4o%
  • Colour: clear
  • Nose: subtle aromas of wheat, some vanilla and fruit
  • Palate: slightly sweet notes from the wheat, smooth, rich and textured mouthfeel
  • Finish: a clean finish, long and warming
  • RRP: $80 AUD

Comments: Hippocampus Vodka has a soft, clean and slightly sweet flavour which means don’t dismiss it as a clear, flavourless spirit. We tried it at room temperature and chilled from the freezer. The latter makes for some good sipping with oysters. It goes very well in a vodka martini and a spicy Bloody Mary.

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