Golden Eight The Williams Pear Liqueur

Renowned for their liqueurs and eaux de vie, G.E. Massenez have created Golden Eight The Williams Pear Liqueur, a pear liqueur with a base of Pear Williams eau-de-vie.

Golden Eight The Williams Pear Liqueur

Distillerie G. E. Massenez was founded in Alsace in 1870 and is renowned for producing fruit-based eaux de vie and liqueurs. Massenez was the first to distill raspberry eau de vie and has since become known internationally for its Poire William product. The production process remains artisanal and their distillation methods are well-guarded, as they secretly pass recipes from generation to generation.

Golden Eight The Williams Pear Liqueur comes in a keepsake decanter style pear shaped bottle. Almost nine kilograms of pears go into making each bottle with the eau de vie de Poire Massenez over 8 years of age.

Golden Eight The Williams Pear Liqueur Tasting Notes

  • Country of Origin: France
  • ABV: 25%
  • Colour: deep amber with a golden tinge
  • Nose: aromas of ripe caramelised pears, vanilla and sugar sweetness
  • Palate: honeyed pear flavours with bursts of vanilla and a hint of citrus on the back palate, caramelised pear notes develop into a rich crème brûlée
  • Finish: good length with a fruity and luxuriant sweet finish
  • RRP: $99 AUD for 700ml bottle

Golden Eight The Williams Pear Liqueur is a rich, luxurious liqueur with an intense caramelised pear flavour that is best enjoyed neat, chilled or on the rocks. For a refreshing drink, top it with tonic water and garnish with a mint leaf and a slice of lime. Other serving suggestions include enjoying it Martini style with vodka and citrus, and served up in a Pearpolitan, shaken with fresh lime juice, cranberry juice and ice.

In partnership with Spirits of France, distributors of Golden Eight The Williams Pear Liqueur in Australia.

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