Glenfiddich The Original

Do you ever wonder what single malt whisky tasted like many years ago? Glenfiddich has recreated Glenfiddich The Original, an expression that was released in 1963 at a time when whisky blends were still the dram of choice.

Glenfiddich Original

Glenfiddich claim to have started the single malt category and Malt Master, Brian Kinsman recreated the original Glenfiddich based on a recipe from the family archives. One is skeptical about tasting a whisky today that is said to be a replica of an original as in my experience, they never taste the same.

I had the opportunity to taste Glenfiddich The Original alongside Glenfiddich 12 yo and make a side by side comparison. It would be remiss of me to expect today’s recreation to be 100% of the original but I was curious as to what this landmark whisky tastes like.

Glenfiddich The Original Tasting Notes

  • Country of Origin: Speyside, Scotland
  • ABV: 40%
  • Age: NAS
  • Colour: golden
  • Nose: typical Glenfiddich DNA, aromas of pear, stewed apples, some vanilla and subtle oak
  • Palate: fruity and sweet, baked apple pie, subtle spice, honey sweetness and vanilla, lacks viscosity and richness compared to the 12 yo
  • Finish: dry and fruity, short

Comments: Glenfiddich The Original tastes like a young version of Glenfiddich 12 yo. It may have been fundamental at the time, but modern palates expect more particularly at this price range. If you’re a whisky novice, it’s very palatable and non aggressive. If you’re a whisky enthusiast, buy it for nostalgia’s sake.

Price: $100 AUD

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