Ferdinand’s Saar Quince Gin

Ferdinand’s Saar Quince Gin is made using hand-picked Riesling grapes from the Zillinken Estate in the Saar-Mosel-Ruwer region in Germany, quinces grown next to the distillery and over 30 botanicals. The gin is infused with 2011 Rausch Kabinett, a wine that was awarded the best Kabinett wine of the year in 2013.

Ferdinand's Saar Quince Gin

Ferdinand’s Saar Quince Gin is an homage to the traditional British sloe gin using quince instead of sloe berries. The gin has a unique flavour that balances the sweet, sour and bitter.

Ferdinand’s Saar Quince Gin Tasting Notes

  • Country of Origin: Germany
  • ABV: 30%
  • Size: 500ml
  • Colour: straw coloured, pale yellow
  • Nose: a mix of faint juniper with winey aromas enriched with mild sweetness and fruit, mainly quince, pear and apples
  • Palate: fruity, sweet, slightly sour, not as sweet as anticipated, fruit-driven with quince flavours while juniper takes a back seat
  • Finish: pleasant to sip, a little dry on the finish

Comments: Ferdinand’s Saar Quince Gin has a unique flavour and lives up to its reputation of combining the sweet, sour and bitter in one spirit. It’s is pleasant enough to be enjoyed on its own with ice. As a fruity aperitif, we like it spritzer style, with 50 ml of Ferdinand Saar Quince Gin topped with sparkling wine. If you’re using it in a Gin & Tonic, a lighter tonic such as Fever-Tree Mediterranean Tonic is recommended so as not to overpower the balance of flavour. As Ferdinand Saar Quince Gin is a take on the sloe gin, experiment with it as a substitute for liqueur, or in cocktails that use sloe gin.

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