Essential Guide to Amaro

Essential Guide to Amaro

  • Campari  (Italy)
    • 25% ABV
    • known botanicals: bitter herbs, spices, aromatic plants, fruit
    • flavour profile: intense bitter orange, herbal woodiness, orange zest, clove and quinine bitterness
  • Cynar  (Italy)
    • 16.5% ABV
    • known botanicals: herbs, plants, cynarine (found in artichokes)
    • flavour profile: savoury, herbal, earthy, vegetal, bittersweet, artichoke notes, caramel and anise
  • Fernet-Branca  (Italy)
    • 39% ABV
    • known botanicals: aloe ferox, bitter orange, cardamom, cinchina bark, galangal, laraha, laurel, myrrh, rhubarb root, saffron, zedoaria
    • flavour profile: medicinal, eucalyptus-like bitterness, vegetal with some anise and a minty finish
  • Fernet-Vallet (Mexico)
    • 45% ABV
    • known botanicals: cinnamon, clove, quassia, clove, rhubarb root
    • flavour profile: very bitter with an oak influence, menthol and warm spices
  • Gran Classico Bitter (Switzerland)
    • 28% ABV
    • known botanicals: wormwood, gentian, bitter orange, rhubarb
    • flavour profile: orange peel along with gentian, vanilla and rhubarb
  • Jägermeister (Germany)
    • 35% ABV
    • known botanicals: orange peel, cinnamon, cardamom, star anise, licorice, ginger
    • flavour profile: herbal with bitter menthol notes, aniseed, spice and cinnamon
  • Økar (Australia)
    • 16% ABV
    • known botanicals: riberries (lilly pilly), lemon myrtle, gentian root, licorice root, wormwood, sweet orange peel, cassia bark and cinchona bark
    • flavour profile: lighter version of Red Økar (see below), cranberry-tartness, orange notes, hints of clove and bark-like bitterness
  • Red Økar (Australia)
    • 26% ABV
    • known botanicals: riberries (lilly pilly), Davidson plum, blood limes, lemon myrtle, saltbush, sweet orange peel, cassia bark and cinchona bark
    • flavour profile: cranberry-tartness, earthy, herbaceous, hints of clove and bark-like bitterness
  • Suze (France)
    • 15% ABV
    • known botanicals: gentian root
    • flavour profile: orange peel, spice and floral
  • The Italian “Bitter Orange” (Australia)
    • 20% ABV
    • known botanicals: Riverland orange, riberries, native thyme, sunrise lime, quandong
    • flavour profile: bitter orange, cinnamon, clove with a fruity citrus finish
  • Zucca Rabarbaro Amaro  (Italy)

    • 16% ABV
    • known botanicals: rhubarb, orange peel, cardamom
    • flavour profile: rhubarb and bitter orange

If you’re looking to further your knowledge on the amaro category, the book, Amaro: The Spirited World of Bittersweet, Herbal Liqueurs, with Cocktails, Recipes, and Formulas by Brad Thomas Parsons is an extremely valuable resource, with detailed information about various amari and inspirational cocktail recipes to get you mixing.

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