Easter Cocktail Recipes

Easter isn’t usually associated with cocktails but why should children should have all the fun.

Easter Cocktail Recipes

When it comes to Easter cocktail recipes, chocolate, eggs, rabbits, carrots, hot cross buns and even lamb come to mind. In this cocktail article, we’re featuring Easter-themed cocktails to take you through from breakfast/brunch to after-dinner.

These boozy Easter libations feature adult drinks with vodka, tequila, gin and rum as base spirits. They can easily be made at home with just a few ingredients so why not impress your guests with these simple to make Easter cocktail recipes.

Hide Nor Hare

The Hide Nor Hare cocktail is a light and refreshing breakfast/brunch drink made with vodka, freshly-juiced carrots, citrus and a sweetener topped with soda water to give your morning an extra fizz. Garnish with a pickled carrot and you’re ready to go. Get the recipe for Hide Nor Hare cocktail here.

What’s Up Doc

Bugs Bunny made this line famous and a sassy bunny deserves a sassy cocktail. What’s Up Doc brings together tequila blanco, fresh carrot juice, lime juice and simple syrup. There’s nothing like drinking your vegetables, with booze. Get the recipe for What’s Up Doc cocktail here.

Cold Cross Bun Martini

Partly inspired by The Barber Shop‘s use of tinctures in Martinis, and Portobello Road Gin’s ‘Not Cross Bun Gin Martini’, the Cold Cross Bun Martini is a dry martini made with gin, vermouth and hot cross bun tincture. It’s a boozy Easter flavours in a glass. Get the recipe for the Cold Cross Bun Martini here including how to make the tincture. You may also like: Essential Guide to Tinctures

Rummy Bunny Flip

The Rummy Bunny Flip is a classic flip cocktail made with dark rum as the base spirit, simple syrup, a whole egg and single cream shaken and garnished with grated dark chocolate and grated nutmeg. Serve it in a coupette with dark chocolate rim and you have a rich, creamy and delicious after dinner cocktail. Get the recipe for the Rummy Bunny Flip here.

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