Distillery Botanica Gin

If you’ve been to Distillery Botanica (previously St Fiacre Distillery) in Erina NSW, you would have walked along a lush manicured garden leading to the distillery. Distillery Botanica Gin is an expression of this summer garden.

Distillery Botanica Gin

Produced by “enfleurage”, a thousand year old French technique used by perfumers to capture the purity of the botanicals without using heat, the process involves using a fat-based medium on which botanicals are laid to absorb the aromas.

At the heart of the gin are juniper and murraya (flower and leaf), the latter contributing hints of jasmine, honeysuckle and orange blossom, reminiscent of the Australian summer garden. Other botanicals include chamomile, sage, orris root and rose – each is distilled separately then blended together by Distiller Philip Moore.

Distillery Botanica Gin is not the first gin that Moore has produced. The distillery, which also makes Mr Black Coffee Liqueur, has created the award-winning Moore’s Vintage Dry Gin, one of the original Australian craft gins prior to the current resurgence.

Distillery Botanica Gin Tasting Notes

  • Country of Origin: New South Wales, Australia
  • ABV: 42%
  • Colour: clear, displays some viscosity in the glass
  • Nose: highly floral yet the juniper is still prominent, like the scent of a home garden in full bloom, initial nose prickle hints at an ABV higher than 40
  • Palate: viscous on the palate, presumably from the enfleurage method, starts with dominant floral notes that lead to orange blossom and end with a peppery spice while the juniper remains present throughout
  • Finish: mid to long finish, dry, with a kick of pepper
  • RRP: $84.95 AUD, 700 ml

Comments: Distillery Botanica Gin is a highly floral gin but has juniper at its heart which gives it a good balance. While it may start as a fragranced and feminine gin, the ever presence of the juniper gives a more robust character. Enjoy it in a gin and tonic, preferably one of the lesser fragrant tonics such as Fever-Tree Indian tonic or CAPI Dry. Distillery Botanica Gin stands up extremely well in a dry Martini. When properly chilled, it highlights the jasmine and floral notes along with underlying orange and a dry peppery kick for balance.

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