Delord Bas Armagnac 1966 Vintage

Delord Armagnac is a family-owned business with a rich history that spans four generations.

Delord Armagnac

The story of Armagnac Delord dates back to 1893 when Prosper Delord, travelling distiller and cellar master took his alembic from farm to farm, turning white wine into Armagnac. His sons Gaston and Georges started the Armagnac house Delord Frères in 1932 in the village of Lannepax in the Gers, Bas-Armagnac.

Armagnac is a white grape distillate made from pressed grape juice, turned into wine, distilled into a spirit and aged in oak barrels. Ten grape varietals can be used: Ugni Blanc, Folle Blanche, Colombard, Baco, Clairette de Gascogne, Blanquette Grise, Mauzac Blanc, Mauzac Rose, White Jurançon, and Meslier Saint-François.

Delord Armagnac is produced from Ugni Blanc, Folle Blanche, Colombard and Baco harvested from their 42 hectare vineyard which is divided into 11 parcels. The four grape varieties are harvested, pressed then turned into wine separately in a winemaking cellar located a few metres from the distillery. The result is an aromatic wine that is slightly acidic and low in alcohol which is ideal for distillation.

Delord Frères distil in the middle of winter using two methods: the continuous distillation which is typical for Armagnac and the double distillation method which produces eaux-de-vie for young Armagnacs. The Armagnac is aged in 400 litre French Oak casks. The oldest vintages are kept in glass jars called bonbonnes away from the light, in a room called Paradise. The majority of Delord Armagnacs are bottled at 40% ABV and are characterised by being approachable in taste.

Delord Bas Armagnac 1966 Vintage is a 50 year old eau-de-vie bottled on 14 March 2016. Deep, dark mahogany in colour, the Armagnac has aromas of ripe fruit, cinnamon and fine oak, and a rich palate with sweet fruit notes, vanilla, caramel, fruit cake, Christmas pudding and warm spices. Complex and layered, it lingers long in a harmonious balance of sweet fruit, warm spice and fine oak.

Delord Armagnac is available at most independent cellars and retailers. At a RRP of $299 AUD, Delord Armagnac 1966 Vintage represents good value for money for a spirit of its age.

In partnership with Spirits of France, distributors of Delord Armagnac in Australia.

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