Cocktails at Home & the Home Bartender

The cocktail revolution of recent years has seen an increase in the number of fine cocktail bars and bartenders of high calibre elevating the consumer’s drinking experience. Along with the growing interest in craft spirits and the craft cocktail movement, the phenomenon has led to a new type of social drinker.

Cocktails at Home

Today’s discerning drinker regularly frequents the best cocktail bars, takes considerable interest in the spirits, ingredients and techniques that go into making the drink and may even purchase a bottle of spirit they’ve tasted based on the recommendation of their bartender.

Among the cocktail enthusiast is a budding home bartender seeking to mix their own drinks and bring the experience back home.

Entreprendre magazine by the Pernod Ricard Group has reported on the “hometainment” trend, a new social behaviour of going out at home and attempting to replicate the experience provided by professionals. No doubt the Mad Men effect with its promotion of classic cocktails such as the Manhattan, Martini and Old Fashioned has also influenced the drinking culture just like what the Masterchef influence did in the home kitchen.

One need look no further than the pervasive cocktail scene on social media with Instagram and Pinterest users showcasing their cocktails at home and the surge in the hashtag #cocktails. We’re also seeing everything from DIY home bars and the return of the stylish bar cart to home bar ideas in style magazines. Could #cocktailsathome become the next #foodporn?

Cocktails at home are about accessibility. One of the primary aims of this website is to feature cocktail recipes that can be easily replicated at home without the need of 10 ingredients and complex methods that are the realm of the professional bartender.

It gives us great pleasure to announce that starting this week, Cocktails & Bars will be presenting a 5 part series, How to Set Up a Home Bar. Running over 5 weeks, the series will include all the essentials such as how to build a home bar, the essential spirits, mixers and modifiers, bar tools and glassware you need to get you started.

We’ve partnered with some of the best international and Australian brands to bring the cocktail bar experience into the home whether you’re an eager home bartender mixing cocktails for friends, throwing a cocktail party at home or simply indulging in the weekly Martini ritual à deux.

Part 1 of How to Set Up a Home Bar begins tomorrow.

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