Chilcano Cocktail Recipe

When it comes to Pisco cocktails, the Pisco Sour is the most commonly known but the Chilcano offers a delicious alternative.

Chilcano Cocktail Recipe

Related to the Moscow Mule, the Chilcano cocktail brings together Pisco and lime juice topped with ginger ale and bitters. It has the right balance of sour and sweet in a light, sparkling drink. Pisco is a grape brandy that comes from Peru as well as Chile and makes a great base for mixing cocktails. You can read all about Pisco in our comprehensive Essential Guide to Pisco.

The Chilcano is built in a tall glass. Simply add the ingredients and top with ginger ale. A simple yet refreshing drink to enjoy in the afternoon or when entertaining guests at home. It’s a great alternative to gin and tonic and makes a refreshing aperitif.

If you feel like taking the drink up a notch, instead of lime juice you can use other citrus fruit such as grapefruit and blood orange or pineapple juice. Or use this spicy version of ginger beer. Here’s how to make the Chilcano.

The Chilcano Cocktail Recipe


  • 60 ml Pisco
  • 1/2 lime, juiced
  • dry ginger ale to top
  • 2 dashes Angostura Bitters

Glassware: tall glass
Garnish: lime wheels


Add Pisco and lime juice to a tall glass full of ice. Top with ginger ale. Add 2 dashes of bitters and gently stir. Garnish with lime wheels.

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