Cherry Heering Liqueur

When you’ve been producing a liqueur for almost 200 years and longevity is part of your heritage, you can be forgiven for keeping many details close to your chest.

Cherry Heering Liqueur

Produced by Peter F. Heering in Denmark, Cherry Heering is a cherry liqueur that dates back to 1818. The company has been purveyor to royal courts in Europe and positions itself as a fashion accessory for the past 200 years.

The specifics of the cherry liqueur are well-guarded secrets, but we know that Cherry Heering is produced from Danish grown cherries fermented in an unnamed spirit with part of the stone and aged in new French oak barrels and some old barrels between 3 and 5 years. The liqueur contains 44% sugar, spices with no additives or artificial colouring. That’s as much as Adele Robberstad, Heering’s CEO was prepared to divulge during a recent visit to Sydney while on a global tour celebrating the Singapore Sling.

While the recipe is the same as in 1818, the production method has since changed to introduce efficiency. A solera system is used whereby the liquid is topped up with an older liqueur to get consistency in the flavour profile. The bottle has also changed shape since the early days, losing its roundness for a more square shape.

In the 1800s, Cherry Heering was drunk neat, as a digestif, often post hunting. Today, the liqueur is a key ingredient in modern classic cocktails such as the Singapore Sling and the Blood and Sand.

Cherry Heering Tasting Notes

  • Country of Origin: Denmark
  • ABV: 24%
  • Size: 700ml
  • Colour: ruby red, viscous in the glass
  • Nose: ripe cherries, nuttiness mainly of marzipan, sweetness, hint of warm spice
  • Palate: ripe red cherries lead the way to a European style of marzipan, hints of clove and Christmas spice, viscous and rich
  • Finish: very long, sweet, rich and nutty

Comments: Cherry Heering is a luscious liqueur, bursting with ripe cherries, intermingled with the nuttiness of marzipan and soft spice. The liqueur lends itself to a festive character, be it for Christmas, a celebration or to share in good company after dinner. Naturally, the liqueur is sweet, but not overly so that it dominates the balance of flavour. One sip, and you’re hooked.

When it comes to simple serving suggestions for Cherry Heering, sip it neat, or with ice, or top with soda and an ice sphere.

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