Black Top Cocktail Coffee

Black Top Cocktail Coffee brings a concentrated non-alcoholic cold-brew coffee for use in bars and in Espresso Martinis.

Black Top Cocktail Coffee

Black Top Cocktail Coffee was created in Victoria out of a demand for consistent, concentrated coffee for use in Espresso Martinis. The brew is made using top-grade Arabica coffees, a blend of specialty single-origin beans from Colombia and Brazil roasted by Mr Black Spirits. Designed with high-volume bars in mind, it aids in delivering Espresso Martinis at speed.

The cold-brew process creates a thick, bitter and complex coffee flavour with maximum froth and minimum of shake. The non-alcoholic coffee concentrate is preservative-free, flash-pasteurised and bottled under nitrogen to ensure clean, fresh coffee cocktails every time. It has an ambient shelf life of 6 months.

The Black Pearl in Fitzroy, Melbourne, is one of the first venues in Australia to be using Black Top. “At Black Pearl we’re absolutely stoked, and proud to be using Black Top,” says Chris Hysted, Bar Manager at the Black Pearl. “We’ve not found anything else in our search that has the same density of texture and flavour in a cold brew. The Espresso Martini is one of our highest selling cocktails, so it’s vital for us to use the best quality liquid we can. The way this transfers to our Nitro Tap serve at Black Pearl means we’re pouring the best Espresso Martini in town.”

Use it in an Espresso Martini with 30ml each of vodka, Mr Black Coffee Liqueur, Black Top Cocktail Coffee and 7.5ml Crawley’s Simple Syrup (2:1), shaken with ice and double strained.

Black Top Cocktail Coffee comes in a rail-friendly 640ml bottles and will be available from May 2017 through Vanguard Luxury Brands in cases of six.

In partnership with Vanguard Luxury Brands, distributors of Black Top Cocktail Coffee in Australia.

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