Bastille Day Cocktails: What to Drink on Bastille Day

When it comes to deciding what to drink on Bastille Day, champagne is often the first choice but we’ve chosen three Bastille Day Cocktails with a difference.

Bastille Day Cocktails

To toast le quatorze juillet, we’re presenting three cocktails using regional mistelles and liqueurs namely Pineau des Charentes, Pousse Rapière and Floc de Gascogne (shown above from left to right). Low in alcohol, these are often served chilled or on ice as aperitifs but also play well in aperitif-style cocktails. You can read more about them in the Essential Guide to French Aperitifs, Mistelles, Liqueurs & Eaux de Vie.

Bastille Day Cocktails

Here are three Bastille Day Cocktails to celebrate la fête nationale with a brief explanation of the main ingredient.

1. Pineau des Charentes Cocktail: Le Pompadour

Le Pompadour is based on a recipe from Frank Meier’s 1936 edition of The Artistry of Mixing Drinks. The cocktail uses Pineau des Charentes as a base, a mistelle produced from fresh, unfermented grape juice or lightly fermented grape must with Cognac eau-de-vie. Pineau des Charentes Blanc is mixed with rhum agricole for a fresh and vegetal note, lemon juice, shaken and served with a lemon twist. Get the Pineau des Chartentes cocktail recipe here.

2. Pousse Rapière Cocktail: Le Délice de D’artagnan

Le Délice de D’artagnan is our personal creation inspired by the Black Feather, a brandy-based cocktail published in Mr Boston Official Bartender’s Guide. Pousse Rapière is a regional aperitif from Gascony defined as liqueur à l’Armagnac. Here it is stirred down with dry vermouth, triple sec and bitters. Get the Pousse Rapière cocktail recipe here.

3. Floc de Gascogne Cocktail: Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité (L.E.F)

L.E.F or Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité and is an easy to make stirred cocktail using three ingredients with Floc de Gascogne Blanc as a base. Floc de Gascogne is a mistelle from the Côtes de Gascogne and Armagnac regions made from fresh grape juice fortified with Armagnac. Get the Floc de Gascogne cocktail recipe here.

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