Atsby Vermouth: Amberthorn & Armadillo Cake

Atsby Vermouth brings two distinct craft vermouths from New York. The duo is made up of Amberthorn, the drier of the two and the sweeter Armadillo Cake.

Atsby Vermouth: Amberthorn & Armadillo Cake

Both vermouths are handcrafted in small batches from unoaked chardonnay hailing from New York State North Folk infused with different combinations of roots, spices, flowers, herbs and pods, and small-batch apple brandy made by an artisan distiller in New York. What sets these vermouths apart from the rest is that processed sugar is not used as a sweetener.


Amberthorn (16% ABV) is the more savoury of the two. The vermouth is made with North Folk chardonnay cold-steeped with 21 botanicals that include Chinese anise, French lavender and holy basil then blended with apple brandy and a touch of raw summer honey. Honey coloured, it has rich aromas on the nose with a herbal notes lead to a floral and slightly citrusy profile with a dry palate.

Use Amberthon in a White Negroni, a wet Martini (2:1 ratio) with orange bitters or sip on its own as an aperitif.

Armadillo Cake

Armadillo Cake (16% ABV) is also made with North Folk chardonnay infused with a selection of botanicals that includes wild celery, grapefruit peel, orange peel, nigella seeds, nutmeg and shiitake mushrooms that give it a umami character then fortified with apple brandy. The vermouth is sweetened with dark Muscovado, spun into a natural caramel which imparts a tawny character with berry notes. Caramel-coloured, Armadillo Cake has spicy notes along with orange and oscillates between bitter and sweet.

Use Armadillo Cake in classic cocktails such as the Hanky Panky, Americano and Boulevardier.

Atsby Vermouth is a range of vermouths beyond the martini. It stands up to its own as an aperitif, on ice, and gives a twist to some classic cocktails.

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